CD1 steel wire rope electric hoist heavy hoist gantry crane lifting crane 1T 2T 3T 5t 380V

CD1 wire rope electric hoist adopts copper core motor, which is durable, energy-saving, stable and low noise. It has the function of automatic braking in case of power failure, which is safe and reliable. The thickened steel wire rope is adopted, which has full power, high transmission rate, large bearing power and strong impact load resistance. The wire arranger is installed to effectively prevent the disordered arrangement of steel wire ropes. Ensure that the steel wire rope works according to the normal path and prolong the service life. Lifting weight:0.5tons 1ton 2tons 3tons 5tons 10tons Wire rope length:6m,9m,12m Voltage:380V. just tell me your needs, and contact us.

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CD1 wire rope electric hoist is widely used and can be used in many places. It can be installed on double beam, single beam and other cranes. The chain with lifting height from 6m to 30m can be customized. The working level of the product is m3 and the protection level is IP44 and IP54. It is a light and small lifting equipment and is widely used in factories, warehouses, wharfs, power stations Logging yard and other occasions are the most ideal lifting equipment for lifting and handling goods.1. Safe, reliable and durable, 2. Stable rotation, high efficiency and labor saving. 3. Double pawls and double guide wheels. 4. Thick chain, high safety factor and long service life.
Model Rated Load Lifting height Lifting speed Rated power Rope diameter Rated Voltage
0.5T 0.5tons 6-9m 8m/min 0.8KW 4.8mm 380V
1T 1ton 6-9m 8m/min 1.5KW 7.7mm 380V
2T 2tons 6-9m 8m/min 3KW 11mm 380V
3T 3tons 6-9m 8m/min 4.5KW 13mm 380V
5T 5tons 6-9m 8m/min 7.5KW 15mm 380V
10T 10tons 6-9m 8m/min 13KW 15mm 380V
16T 16tons 6-9m 8m/min 13KW 17mm 380V
20T 20tons 6-9m 8m/min 13KW 21mm 380V
The rated lifting capacity of CD1 steel wire rope electric hoist is 0.5T ~ 16t, the standard lifting height is 6m ~ 30m, the rated voltage is 380V, and the non-standard lifting height and voltage can be customized. The working level of CD1 single speed electric hoist is m3, the power holding load rate is 25%, and the cycle is 10 minutes. 1. Reducer: three-stage fixed shaft helical gear transmission mechanism is adopted. The gear and gear shaft are made of heat-treated alloy steel. The box and cover are made of high-quality cast iron, which are tightly assembled and well sealed. The reducer is a part of itself, which is very convenient for loading and unloading. 2. Control box: the control box adopts a device that can cut off the main circuit in case of emergency and is equipped with up and down travel protection fire cut-off limiter. The operation safety of the electric hoist is ensured. Electrical components have long service life and reliable use. 3. Steel wire rope: the steel wire rope adopts gb1102-71 (6 * 37 + 1) hoisting steel wire rope, which ensures durability. 4. Conical motor: the lifting motor adopts the conical rotor braking asynchronous motor with Jiaodong starting torque without external brake. The motor load continuity rate is 25%. The motor adopts class B or class F insulation, and the motor protection grade is IP54 / IP55. 5. Button switch: hand operated, light and convenient, with two modes: rope operation and cordless remote control.1. What about the payment term&price term? As usual, we accept T/T, credit card, LC, Western Union as the payment term, and the price term, FOB&CIF&CFR&DDP etc are ok. 2. What's the delivery time? Usually, we will delivery the goods within 5-18 working days, but this is aim at 1-10pcs products, if you give more quantity, it just depends. 3. Are we a manufacturer&factory or trading Company? Hebei Jinteng Hoisting Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a manufacturer in Hebei, China, we have specialized in crane&hoist over 20 years, our high quality products are welcomed in many countries.

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