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Conventional lifting belts (synthetic fiber lifting belts) are generally made of high-strength polyester filaments. They have the advantages of high strength, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, UV resistance and other advantages. At the same time, they are soft, non-conductive and non-corrosive (no harm to human body). They are widely used in various fields. There are many kinds of lifting belts. Conventional lifting belts (according to the appearance of lifting belts) are divided into four categories: annular core piercing, annular flat, double eye core piercing and double eye flat. Rated load:1T、2T、3T、5T、10T just tell me your needs, and contact us.

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The lifting belt is generally used in flammable and explosive environment and does not produce sparks. The world's first synthetic fiber flat lifting belt has been widely used in shipbuilding, metallurgy, machinery, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, port, electric power, electronics, transportation, military and other fields since it was successfully applied in the field of industrial lifting in the United States in 1955. The hoisting belt has the advantages of light carrying, convenient maintenance and good chemical resistance, as well as the excellent characteristics of light weight, high strength and not easy to damage the surface of the hoisting object. It is more and more favored by users and gradually replaces the steel wire rope rigging in many aspects.1. High strength 2. Wear resistance 3. Oxidation resistance 4. UV resistance 5. Soft texture, 6. Non conductive, 7. No corrosion (no harm to human body)
Model Width(cm) Shape Vertical lifting weight Double rope lifting weight 45 ° lifting weight
1T 3M,5M,6M 3.5CM Two eyes 1T 2T 1.8T
2T 3M,5M,6M 5CM Two eyes 2T 4T 3.6T
3T 3M,5M,6M,10M 8CM Two eyes 3T 6T 5.4T
5T 3M,5M,6M,10M 10CM Two eyes 5T 10T 9.0T
10T 3M,5M,6M,10M 14CM Two eyes 10T 20T 18T
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